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Capturing moments with contemporary elegance. Let us tell your story.

Capturing moments with contemporary elegance. Let us tell your story.

About Keep It Movin' Films

Founded in 2018, Keep It Movin' Films is a Toronto Cinematography company, specializing in Wedding CInematography. We are a family of creative film-makers who are dedicated and passionate about telling your story.

High Quality Films

Our vision is to create something personal and unique for you. From lighting to the colors of the video and making sure it has a stunning look on the screen. Thus, our sets of equipment we use are state of the art, so that it can produce movie-liked videos for our clients. We constantly upgrade our equipments, so that we can catch up to modern times and trend.

Trained Professionals

We comprises a team of professional cinematographers who are experienced in the entire process of cinematography from pre-wedding/function cinematography, actual day cinematography and post event editing and video production.

Fast Delivery Times

When your big day has come to an end, after we’ve said our goodbyes, that’s where the editing comes into action. We approach every aspect of your film with an artistic eye, because we know how much these moments mean to you and to your family.

Fuss-Free Experience

Our mission is to produce top quality work in all assignments and ensure satisfaction from all our clients, but making sure it is a fuss-free experience all at once. We listen keenly to understand. We see perspectives to shape your identity. We paint ideas into images that connect people. It’s not about making a video. It’s about making statements that count.


Hi, I’m Haren, CEO of KIM Films.

Filmmaker and narrator of true love stories. Capturing all the colors of emotion that people share is what I love to do. This is my passion. I want to be part of your adventure to document your pure feelings and honest emotions. I am based in Canada, but I love to travel wherever my camera takes me.

Your relationship along with your cinematographer ought to be special.

  • There must be a solid connection & you have to ‘get’ one another..
  • One-off open communication and ideas is essential.
  • Trust shall come through confidence as well as mutual respect.
  • Trust is an important part of a typical relationship.

As being a groom and bride you’ll find out the necessity of getting work done in harmony together. Contact me if you want your upcoming and eagerly expected wedding to be artistically and creatively transfigured into your dream personal movie that will be eternally treasured. We are ready to listen all your wedding hopes and dreams.

What we do

We are a group of dedicated film makers who are keen on creating narrative creative films of beautiful memories. We uncover these precious relationships through our narrative approach to create the most personalised wedding film for you. We focus on the words and emotions shared on this special day, and retain the real and raw moments so you can relive the beautiful memories in its most authentic form.


We understand the importance of crafting masterpieces in each project that we take on. We offer creativity, clarity, and technical expertise to help turn a clients’ message into an attractive and exciting audiovisual presentation showcasing their story, milestone and achievements. Believe it or not, we actually approach corporate event filming in much the same way we approach wedding videos: we look for the special details, the things that will set your business’ video apart from a slew of other slick corporate films. Check out the sample corporate event videos, and see if our style is something you’d like to bring to your next corporate event.


Though weddings and corporate videos take up the bulk of our work, Keep It Movin' Films is also flexible in filming other special events. You’ll be able to always remember birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and more by using our special event filming services.


At KIM, we weave several types of promo videos. Such include, product videos, service videos, customer testimonial videos, event videos and so forth. With short-form commercial videos, we create quality content that reaches your audience on every platform. We show them the very best you have to offer.


Choosing us as your wedding cinematographer videographer is choosing an exquisite feature film where you and your loved ones are the shining stars. But unlike the movies, we capture the reality, the spontaneity, and the sincerity of all the feelings and moments of the days leading up to your wedding day and the special day itself. We operate in a discreet manner that more often in most of your guests being completely unaware that you even had a wedding film maker present.This is totally unobtrusive wedding film making. Watching your wedding day through our hand crafted wedding film, you will be taken back in time to the once-in-a-lifetime moments. The moment that you see your other half at the aisle for the first time with your heart pounding in your chest, the moment that you exchange your vows with sheer happiness reflecting from your glowing smiles, the moment you seal the deal with the first kiss as husband and wife. Your very own cinematic piece will become a time machine that will take you back to the very first day of your happily ever after.

Our Creative Team

We’re not just wedding cinematographers. We’re cinema lovers, film-makers and painters. Film is what we live and breathe.

Our Creative Team

We’re not just wedding cinematographers. We’re cinema lovers, film-makers and painters. Film is what we live and breathe. (Swipe left!)


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Our Portfolio

View our collection of crafted videos of weddings, receptions, special events and so many more.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Our success is measured by results, the most important being how our clients feel about their experience with us. Happy customers and ongoing relationships are what we strive for. You can see how happy our clients from past years were by reading their feedback here.

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